Good Karma Rope Toys "Boomer the Squirrel"
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My name is Boomer the Squirrel. It's my job to make sure all the rescued dogs of the world stay healthy. How do I do that? Exercise! It's pretty easy to get them to chase me. Up trees, across lawns... They never can catch me because I'm too fast. So adopt a dog from the Rescue Train and keep Boomer the Squirrel in business. Of course I get paid in nuts!

Voted Best Pet Toy by Pet Product News in 2008 as one of the best toys for puppies and dogs!

These adorable toys come in 2 sizes and are offered in a variety of animal shapes. The toys are 100% ECO-FRIENDLY and are made from natural dyed cotton thread. The toys are hand tied and naturally fray to act like doggie dental floss. These toys are recommended for puppies who are teething or for dogs who like to CHEW, PLAY, TUG or FETCH. Each rope toy comes with a story of how it was rescued and Jax and Bones donates part of the proceeds to benefit The Rescue Train, a nonprofit 501c3 organization. These toys bring good karma!

Since all dogs have different chewing habits, we recommend the following:
* Always choose a LARGE SIZE if you know you have an aggressive chewer (even if you have a 10 lb. dog)
* Always supervise the pet during play and never let the pet eat or ingest any part of this toy.

TIP: Place the tips of the toys in h2o and freeze. h2o + freezer = happy gums!

Offered in 2 sizes: small (dogs under 20 lbs) and large (dogs under 60 lbs)

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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