After spending an afternoon assessing the dog-to-human ratio in their Venice, Calif. neighborhood, The Modern Dog owners Guy Miracle and Lance Castro had an epiphany. “For every 10 people we counted approx. 7 dogs,” Mr. Miracle said. Soon after, they moved into what is now possibly the grooviest dog house in town that is also proud to be feline friendly.

The Modern Dog concept is that of pet and lifestyle accessories that blend well within your homes interior or lifestyle preference while offering an above average degree of fun and function. As an unexpected compliment to this concept The Modern Dog resides in a 20's style bungalow allowing the merchandising of designers and products with an exceptional twist. All of the rooms in the house have been utilized to provide the prefect environment for shopping. Living and entertaining products in the living rooms, beds and sleeping accessories in the bedroom, gourmet foods and treats in the kitchen and, so much more throughout.

The Modern Dog products include: Bella Bean Couture, Paris Erotica Japanese Couture, Juicy Couture, Decaf Plush, Dirty Laundry, Everyday Studio, Holden Bowls, Izzy Galore by Chi Wow Wow, KittyPod by Elizabeth Paige Smith, Monkey Daze, Milla, Otis and Claude, Paul Frank, Petit Panier, Pet Ego, Tarina Tarantino, Petbitat, Ed Hardy, Chrome Bones, Walteria Living and more. Additionally a select line up of all natural, raw and holistic foods and treats for dogs and cats is featured.